Anchorage can have more economic development...

Anchorage needs more economic development tools. The growth in successful communities across America has been driven by innovative tax incentives that helps private developers reach hurdle rates and communities to benefit from local economic developments.

At ACDA we have begun an advocacy effort to encourage state policy makers to become more engaged in mobilizing state economic development agencies to do more. Currently Alaska has three existing economic development agencies that could be doing more to foster community development. AIDEA, AHFC AND AEA can all play a key role in providing local communities with tools to stimulate economic development while helping Alaskan communities grow their local tax base.

Please click here to read specifically what development tools Anchorage could benefit from and how they might aide in making your project economically viable.

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Here are the two main providers of RFP listings in Anchorage. List your project and have a look at what others are up to:

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Opportunities & Incentives


Learn about property tax incentives available in Anchorage.

Why Anchorage Needs Tax Incentives to Grow!Downtown Housing Tax IncentiveMOA Property Tax Exemptions

Opportunity Zones

A Federal program designed to drive long-term capital to distressed communities within the State of Alaska and Anchorage.

Anchorage Opportunity Zone MapsSummary Slides from National Development CouncilState Of AlaskaIRSCDFI


Anchorage now incentivizes construction of ADUs. Learn more about these incentives for home buyers and developers.

25.05.070 ADU CodeADU Flyer [Link to be fixed soon!]Downtown Housing Incentive Ordinance

Financial Incentives

The Municipality of Anchorage, State of Alaska and the Federal Government offer a number of programs that aid in redevelopment of land and housing construction, as well as re-development

MOA - Brownfields ProgramHUD 221(d)(4) Mortgage Loans for Multi-Family HousingNew Market Tax Credits & Alaska Growth Capital

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