Our Previous Developments

Glenn Square Retail Center: Mountain View

The development of a retail center on the 25 acres parcel is a key part of the revitalization efforts in the Mountain View neighborhood. ACDA worked with a private developer to integrate local and new businesses, provide new employment opportunities, enhance property values, improve the aesthetics of the area and create positive, sustainable economic growth.

Northpointe Bluff: Government Hill

ACDA completed the Northpointe Bluff Subdivision and sold most of the lots, creating a vibrant new community on government Hill.  There are 9 lots remaining to be sold.

For more information about available lots please call: 907.344.5678

Notice: Both Northpoint Bluff Drive and Northbluff Drive (just northeast of Northpointe Dr.) are part of this project. Northbluff Drive is pictured above.

JCPenny Parking Garage: Downtown

In an effort to increase the parking opportunities in the 600-space garage, ACDA proceeded with improvements to the garage which included an interior/exterior paint job, replacing and improving the interior lighting, security addition, upgrading mechanical systems in the elevators, installing new ticket booth equipment, resurfacing the exit spiral, repairing the main staircase, and upgrading the plaza around the garage. This has been one of many more creative development opportunities to enhance the quality of life for residents in Anchorage.

Current Developments